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Friday, May 2, 2014

YVR Fashion: The Show 2014

I recently had the pleasure of attending The Show 2014 by KPU's Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design Fashion Program to see some of the up & coming members of the fashion industry here in Vancouver. It was AMAZING. I saw highlights from collections for women, men, kids, lingerie & swimwear- even a unisex line.

We are surrounded by so many talented individuals and I can't wait to see where their careers go. I am so excited to introduce TPB readers to some of the 37 fresh faces graduating from KPU's Fashion Program this year. If you see something you like, show your support & get in touch with them! I hope to bring you more from them in the future. So without further ado...

Women's Apparel
Locef by Fei Huang
Environmentally friendly loungewear made from sustainable material for women looking for style without compromising comfort. Earth tones are some of the inspiration behind this line created for wearable versatility: from work, to home, to travel.
Contact: hsiaofei.huang@kwantlen.net
Photo Credit: Jackson Chaing; Hair & Makeup: Fei Huang & Venus Lai; Model: Mia Cosco

by Melissa Tsui
Designed for the forward- thinking female traveler, Part & Parcel combines strategic design with comfort for women on the go. With attention to both aesthetic and design, this collection is a stylish option for those seeking attractive outerwear. 
Contact: melissa.tsui@kwantlen.net
Photo Credit: Mattew Chen; Hair & Makeup: Venus Lai; Model: Aly C.

Pulse Active Apparel 
by Nicole Picco
This activewear line embraces the female form in all it's glory- in all shapes & sizes. Constructed with fit & comfort as a focus, Pulse offers quality designs that are suitable for the unique needs of the female body during fitness activities- to help you feel good and look good. This line is about nurturing women's confidence & self esteem about their bodies.
Photo Credit: Angela Fama; Hair & Makeup: Marie Pearce; Model: Chelsea Hibbs

You by Kaylyn Mackenzie
Drawing from her experiences working with individuals facing severe health conditions, Kaylyn Mackenzie has created  a collection that makes professional dress attainable for women in wheelchairs. Focusing on making the wheelchair an asset rather than a challenge in design, this line seeks to break barriers that inhibit women from partaking in daily activities. This brings new meaning to "dressing for success". 
Contact: kjmackenzie@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Marshall Heritage; Hair: Jessica Langedyk; Makeup: Kaitlynn Young; Model: Lauren Overholt

Ha Na by Venus Lei
Designed for fashion- forward business professionals, Ha Na's designs incorporate multicultural elements with a contemporary aesthetic. Figure- flattering and feminine, this collection draws upon historic Asian fashion influences.
Contact: venus.lai@kwantlen.net
Photo Credit: Mattew Chen; Model: Stephanie H.

Men's Apparel 

Van Vuuren 
by Lindie Van Vuuren
Designed for men seeking clothes that suit their profession & lifestyle, Van Vuuren is an eclectic collection combining sleek lines with quirky touches. Inspired by the unnamed brown diamond discovered in the designer's native South Africa, this collection is  professional attire with a twist.
Contact: vanvuurencollection@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Brandon Hart; Hair & Makeup: Tori Burns; Model: Andy Hodgson

Maison Beautista 
by Jan Bautista
Translating the designer's love of fine arts through fashion design, Maison Beautista provides a unique & refreshing alternative to the traditional suit. This collection combines a focus of fit & comfort with an eccentric flourish targeted at the 'dandy' gentleman. Perfect for those looking to make a statement with their wardrobe selection.
Contact: janfranchezcobautista@yahoo.ca
Photo Credit: Skype Son; Model: Adam Jeal

Compass by Keisha Lowes 
A line for the man seeking adventure & new experiences.  Combining vintage & classic touches with contemporary design & function, this collection is suited for those seeking travel- friendly, comfortable cloths without sacrificing style.
Contact: keisha.lowes@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Stefan Gill; Post- Production: Eugene Chok; Model: Corentin Dandrimont; Hair & Makeup: Keisha Lowes

Lingerie & Swimwear 

Adina by Chantel Mongovius
A collection of beachwear inspired by the '50s that combines vintage styles with modern prints, colours, & details. Perfect for ladies looking for modest fashion for the beach & vacation. 
Contact: chantel.mongovius@kwantlen.net
Photo Credit: Marnie Lewis; Model: Alexa Rowe

Philosophy by Lulu Lee
Designed for the small- framed female, Philosophy provides lingerie & loungewear specifically for petite women seeking sexy items that fit their bodies. With it's silk pieces, this collection's aesthetic is  contemporary and understated infused with soft touches & femininity. 
Contact: wtl.lee@gmail.com
Photo credit: Miya Gu Photography; Model: Jessica Margaret; Hair: Venus Lai

Unisex Apparel 

Trompe L'oeil by Serena Koo
Pronounced "tromp- loy", this unisex line has been created to provide "one garment for two genders". Designed for those who think beyond the expected, Trompe L'oeil offers clothes with clean lines suitable for both male & female clients.
Contact: serenakoo@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Marshall Heritage; Hair & Makeup: Aleksandra Likhtarova

Kid's Apparel 
Quirky Fille 
by Natalie Wu
Casual wear for tween girls between 8- 12 who have a taste for fashion that expresses their personalitiy. Quirky Fille aims to build self- esteem with styles that are flattering & respectful of  girl's figures.
Contact: natalie.wu@kwantlen.net
Photo Credit: Taya Photography; Models: Olivia Mey & Cailin Costa

Trinity Apparel 
by Kylee Gill
Designed for girls between 8- 12 who have a love of the environment & outdoors. Trinity Apparel helps it's young clients show their passions for nature & provide clothing that suits their lifestyles.
Contact: kyleedesign@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Lanaya Flavelle; Hair: Lisa Gill; Model: Trinity Howcroft

Noda by Connie Leung
For those special occasions, Noda provides clothes tailored for tween girls from 8- 14 that takes into consideration their changing style preferences and needs. Combining classic styles with modern finishes, Noda's pieces provide formal wear that is timeless & of quality, while meeting the preferences of it's young clientele. 
Contact: connie.lwshan@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Lanaya Flavelle; Hair & Makeup: Kylee & Lisa Gill; Model: Paris Howcroft 

by Katie Royce
An outerwear line for young ladies that combines imagination & creativity. A great collection for our rainy Vancouver weather. Inspired by the designer's love of the outdoors growing up, this collection infuses bright colour & pattern into outerwear.
Contact: km.royce2@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Elsa Fan Photography 

Willa- Jade by 

A tomboy inspired streetwear collection for tween girls. With comfort as a central focus, Willa- Jade offers style with personality.
Contact: cecilia.ignacio@hotmail.com
Photo Credit: Taya Photography; Models: Olivia Mey & Cailin Costa

A big heartfelt thank you to the organizers and designers of The Show 2014. Support Vancouver fashion  & check out this local talent! <3

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