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Friday, May 15, 2015

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini Review {& GIVEAWAY!}

One of my first outings after Liam was born was going to the Canadian product launch of the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini. This nifty new product will be available exclusively in Canada and the timing couldn't be better with the arrival of our little man to test it out. I'm really happy to be sharing about it with TPB readers and excited to be able to offer one to one lucky Canadian reader! (See contest details at the end of this post).

A Little Bit About the Bouncer Mini
  • The Bouncer Mini was developed in collaboration with paediatricians and is ergonomic- the fabric contours to baby's body to give proper support to their neck and back (it can be used from newborn up to 6 months- or up to 20 lbs/ 9 kg). 
  • There are two positions: upright and reclined. For younger babies, simply use a hand or foot to rock them; when they're older it's powered by baby's natural bouncing, so no batteries are required (a great way to help your baby develop their motor skills). 
Baby Bjorn recommends keeping the seat in the reclined position for newborns (like my lil guy). To adjust the position all you have to do is remove & turn the legs (minus sign showing indicates the lower/ reclined position; plus sign showing indicates the higher/ upright position). 

This is what the Mini Bouncer looks like in the lower/ reclined position:

And what it looks like in the higher/ upright position:
  • The fabric used for the Bouncer Mini is 100% cotton and is soft & gentle against their skin, it's safe to chew & suck on, and free from allergens and other substances that can be harmful to a baby's health. The fabric is also washable and is easily removed for cleaning (the fabric attaches with two elastic pieces at the base, simply loosen from the base & slide the fabric off the frame). 
  • The Bouncer Mini is easy to assemble - just pop the frame into the base, attach the legs, and pull the seat cover onto the frame & attach it to the base.

  •  It can be stored flat- simply remove the legs from the base. 
  • The Mini Bouncer is available in two colours: Silver and Light Pink.
Here's my little product tester hard at work (tough gig, I know!) ;)

Why We're Loving It:
  • It's a safe & cozy place to prop up my babe. Liam loves his Bouncer Mini and has dozed off it plenty of times. It's great for when I'm making dinner or doing an activity with Ari and need both hands; I just pop him in and keep him close so I can bounce him with my foot. 
  • The fabric. I love that it's safe for a young baby and I don't have to worry about Liam ingesting yucky chemicals in the fabric if he decides to chomp on it. I also love how durable and washable the fabric is; it's super soft but holds up well to the abuse a little baby puts it through (hello leaky diapers & spit up!)
  • It's easy to put together, adjust, and store. I love that the Mini Bouncer is compact (it's the same width as an IKEA Expedit bookcase) and stores flat- I can fit it under my couch or Liam's crib when it's not in use.
  • It's Dad approved- Will loves how easy it is to bounce it 'the perfect amount' & I love that I've got help to keep my lil guy happy.

The Bouncer Mini is available exclusively in Canada and will retail for approx. $160 CAD.
If you've got a little one on the way or already have a babe or two, the Mini Bouncer is a great seat to pop your bumpkin in when you need two free hands. 

For more info & to learn more about the Bouncer Mini, click here.

...And I mentioned a contest didn't I??? ;)
Thanks to Baby Bjorn I'm giving away a Bouncer Mini to one lucky blog reader!
Hop over to the blog's Contests page to enter! (Make sure to follow TPB on Instagram @ ThePamperedBaby for bonus entries!).

***Please note: Due to safety laws & guidelines, this contest will be open to Canadian residents only

Photos- K Petrunia
Product images & logo- Baby Bjorn 

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