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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6 Tips on Dressing the Post Baby Body

Here's something interesting to think about: we give quite a bit of attention to maternity wear but don't always think about what our bodies will be like once we've had a baby. As much as we might hate to admit it, our bodies take time to bounce back after giving birth and there can be an awkward phase where your pre- pregnancy clothes don't fit, but you don't want to wear maternity clothes any more either. To help you navigate this tricky time with your wardrobe, Samantha Dempster from The Family Jewels is offering up 6 tips to help you dress your post baby body in style.

After giving birth, and living in maternity clothes for the last several months, you are eager to get back into your closet and return to normal clothes. However, there is the in between stage after having baby, and losing the remaining baby weight. This stage can be somewhat unpleasant, as you are not always feeling your most confident.

Here is the important fact that you must not forget: You just grew a human inside of your body, and carried them for nine months - cut yourself some slack. You should feel accomplished and overjoyed about your new baby, and this is not the time to be hard on yourself. Be patient, you will get there!

That being said, you should always feel good about the clothes you put on your body. Now that you have a little one, your priorities have changed, and you no longer have the time or energy to think about what to wear each day. You can make this process easier by considering these six tips..

Wear loose fitting tops  - If you are nursing, and would like to avoid having to buy nursing wear, opt for a loose fitting top that is non-restrictive to make breastfeeding your baby easier. You don’t want to have to fuss with tight fitting clothing while your baby is crying and hungry. This is also the more comfortable choice and does not cling to your body.

Wear pants with a drawstring or an elastic waist – I strongly recommend this style of pant post partum, especially if you have had a cesarean. This allows you to be out of maternity pants much faster, but still avoid zippers and buttons in a sensitive area on your body. These pants are comfortable, stylish and forgiving when it comes to the waistline!

Wear comfortable shoes – There’s no sense in rushing back into heels. You will now be carrying either a baby, diaper bag, baby carrier, and/or pushing a stroller, so comfort is key! You don’t have to sacrifice style when it comes to footwear though, just simply choose a sandal, flat or boot that are easy to walk in (and easy to take on and off!).

Wear a hands-free bag – Yeah for crossbody bags!! These must have been invented for moms. Don’t bury your belongings in your diaper bag (you will lose them amongst the million other baby items in there), and keep both hands free; you are going to need them! This way you can easily access for phone, keys, money, etc. without carrying a bag on your shoulder.

Buy cheap sunglasses – Why?? Because once your baby develops a good grip, they are going right for those glasses on your face! Spare yourself the upset (and money) and avoid designer sunglasses. Inevitably they will end up being crawled/rolled/stepped on and in turn will not have a long life.

Wear simple jewelry – For the very same reason as the sunglasses, avoid wearing too much jewelry. Be cautious of the pieces you choose to wear, as they could scratch your baby. Keep it simple with your favorites, and avoid long chains. Babies will pull on anything they can, and you are just asking for trouble by wearing chunky or long pieces.

Thank you to the lovely Samantha from The Family Jewels for contributing these 6 tips!

The Family Jewels is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Samantha Dempster that caters to the busy mom on the go. Samantha believes in less is more, simple style and making the most out of your wardrobe. She is passionate about healthy living and supporting local brands. You can find The Family Jewels on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Outfit Details:
Sweater: loft 
Drawstring pants: MICHAEL Michael kors
 Sandals: j.crew (sold out, different version here)
 Bag: aritzia
Sunglasses: urban outfitters

Photo Credit: Feather & Fern Photography

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