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Monday, January 2, 2017

On Finding Our Happy Place

I wanted to kick off 2017 with a bang, and here it is. I had thought about sharing about this before the new year, but December is such a busy month and I didn't want to rush things or have them get lost in the shuffle. I'm beyond excited to announce that I'm rebranding the blog. As of the end of this month I will have fully made the switch from The Pampered Baby to Our Happy Place...

For about a year I've known that I wanted to switch things up a bit, but the timing had to be right. This past Fall I had the opportunity to really put some time, love, and thought into the direction I wanted to take things and what I want it to encompass moving forward. In the past year I've shifted the content of the blog to reflect the overall lifestyle direction I want to take it in- The Pampered Baby was just no longer a fit for how I saw the work I do here- and I just had to think about what I wanted to do moving forward. Ironically, even though I knew I wanted to do this, to take this leap, finding a name that fit was the biggest challenge for me. When I came up with the name The Pampered Baby, it was a fit for me at the time: a new Mom with a one- month old baby at home; I chose a name that summed up the phase of life I was in without thinking about how this space of mine would evolve and grow. And oh how it's done just that.

So for the past few months I've been tossing ideas around, thinking several times I had found a fit, only to throw out the idea and start back at square one. I thought about the journey I've been on the past few years, this past year, and what I hope to achieve moving forward. Trying to encapsulate that in a few precious words is a hard thing to do- especially when it represents a body of work that's been more than 3 years in the making, and will represent all the future work I do moving forward. What do I want people to see when they come here? What do I want to put out into the world? First impressions matter and to those who've supported me so far, I didn't want to do an about- face and completely turn things upside down; I wanted it to compliment the journey we've all been on together while embracing the growth and change the blog has experienced since I started it. How can I sum up so many things in limited words? 

And then it hit me, like I knew it would. The word happy has been something I've focused on, examined, and reflected on a lot in the past few months. And not in a 'I always want to be happy' kind of way, but more in an 'I want to create happy' attitude. I want to feel alive and enriched, like I'm truly experiencing this life I live, and I want that to be what I give my readers, how I want to leave my mark on the world: to be a real and honest, and positive presence. I've come to believe and embrace the idea that we have to find, create, and embrace happiness. That doesn't mean that we have to be happy all the time, or force ourselves to pretend to be, or ignore all of the other things we feel. We're created to experience a variety of emotions for a reason, but happiness is so much more than an emotion or a place. It's a state of mind, an attitude, an outlook. In a moment you may not feel happy; you may feel sad, hurt, anxious, burnt out. And that's ok. And that's just it: it's ok. That's our happy place. That place where we find calm, peace, and yes, happiness. It's about loving and living this life, this journey, and that's the main message I want to share when I jump online and begin to write a blog post, or share a photo on social media. Life isn't perfect and isn't always pretty, but that's not a bad thing. We grow from the challenges, we become better people because of the things that don't come easy, and I want all of that to be a part of this place I've built. I want my work to be fun and real, and so many other things, but above all, I want it to be something you enjoy  reading as much as I enjoy creating it, whether it's a recipe, a DIY, a review, or a personal post.

There are a few other things that have influenced my choice to rebrand and the name I chose, but I want to save that for later. For now, I want to leave you with this news that has been a hard secret for me to keep and an exciting change for me to finally build up the courage to make. Over the next few weeks I'll be transitioning the blog's accounts on social media (announcements to come there as the changes are made) and all new posts will now be found on the new site,  Our Happy Place. 

In a way this is bittersweet for me, TPB has been an amazing journey, but it's a chapter that's ready to close to make way for the next. It's strange to think this will be the last post I write here, but I'm so glad that this is what will always mark the switch from The Pampered Baby to Our Happy Place.

To everyone who has supported TPB, thank you. I am blessed to have met some amazing people, worked with a variety of brands big and small, and experienced wonderful things because of this journey. Here's to an amazing 2017 and the next chapter. Now just to turn the page...

xx KP